Hello there,

I am Milind. Basically am a musician – Flautist and Composer. But I also have several other hobbies as one may say so. Viz : Writing and Photography! [ You could know more about my music here. ]

There was a time I used to write a lot and click too. Naturally now because of digital photography I click lot more, but since 2000 my writing has completely stopped. I really miss it. So I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time now and so, here it is !

I started photography way back in 1993 or so. Once a German guy wanted to learn flute from me and told me “I don’t have money but I can give you this camera”. It was a nice Yashika with two lenses 75-300 and 28-75. The light meter wasn’t functioning, but the rest of the functions were working fine. I accepted his offer. I worked about 4-5 years with that camera and then shifted to some Nikon.

” One day I realised that music is not my hobby anymore. And the same week this Yashika came to me !”

Now I click with Sony Nex 5N . It goes everywhere with me and its always in ready mode! In the earlier years I did some apprenticeship with the master photographer Harmindar Singh and Shyam, but eventually it fizzled off due to my travels. With Harminder I got to know the difficulties, excitement and satisfaction in professional photography. After all Sinar is a different ball game!
For about 13 years I wrote and clicked for The Times of India. Initially I started off with Maharashtra Herald and later for brief period I wrote for Indian Express. But it was the Times where I stuck with for more than 13 years. I was known for the artists’ interviews and I have interviewed almost all the greatest musicians / singers in India. Most of those I have performed or worked with too !. Simultaneously I ran a column in a Marathi newspaper in Pune for more than 10 years. I must have written over a thousand of articles, never counted, but every week I used to have 3-4 published. I was never employed, always was a freelancer.

Besides all this, in my first stage appearance I performed some Magic! I made some things appear from thin air and some things disappear in to the thin air ! I multiplied cards and changed colours of the flowers! It was quite exciting to see the absolute shock and surprise on the faces of kids and adults in front of me!

Although by now I have performed many times in front of the audiences of more than 50,000; Even today I remember the first thunderous applause I had got in my first ever stage appearance! There must be some 1000 people in the audience !

My first radio broadcast was my poetry recital. I have even won some college competitions for my poetry. And some of my poetry was printed in some magazines too ! And some of my poems are still on the tip of the tongue of many of my friends from various walks of life !

So here I am starting again to write. Now I shall be writing more about my experiences and observations in my travels all across the globe. About some incidents and some people, about some places and some specials !!! Hope you like it all !:)

If anyone wants to contact me please write to me on

milind@milinddate.com, milinddate@outlook.com

Phone : – +91 982 338 6163

I might take some time to reply due to my busy schedules and travels.

Thanks for visiting 🙂