Korea And I

For my performances I have visited South Korea 12 times since 2002. I love the country and it would be like my second home. Seoul is like one mega hill station and the weather, people, customs, cleanliness, things you see, things you get, markets, rivers, roads, houses, monasteries, buildings and architecture, handicrafts and electronics everything is just beautiful. Although I have observed some non Korean people who have lived there for a couple of years or more tend to get fed up with the country !


Koreans have a different and enchanting sense of beauty and generally you can see it everywhere. [Different than the Indian or western, which we keep seeing ] What I love most about Korea is the amazing blend of their ancient culture and the totally modern lifestyle. It is very common to see some 80 years old person using Samsung Tab and playing games on it! This would be a rare sight in India that I know.

Korea - a confluence of Modern and Tradition

Korea – a confluence of Modern and Tradition

Koreans are tech savvy people and love to use it to its best, even with the most complicated processes are to be performed. Some years ago a Korean chap even died while he played online games nonstop for some 56 hours !

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