Korea – Arts and Culture

As I started performing more and more in Korea, I started realising the depth and popularity of Arts and Culture in the Korean society. Although on surface one would see a totally westernised society, but deep inside the people are really bound to their roots. Korean culture is quite old and after the modernisation, since […]

Geoge Island

To the south edge of South Korea there are over a thousand of small and big islands. Some of them have volcanoes on them too. Jeju island being the most famous, there are several others which are big enough for habitation.

Geoge island is the second biggest island from the south sea. Two years ago I got to know that I am to perform on Geoge island, and I was quite happy about it. Several years ago I had performed on Jeju island. I think it was some very big festival where thousands of people had come. I also remembered that it was very beautiful place. So I became even more enthusiastic about this concert and the journey to the island.



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