A friend said she won’t consider herself a photographer till she understands the Manual Mode. I don’t agree.

In simplest words I can say that clicking on the Manual Mode is like driving the car on the manual gears when it also has automatic transmission.

Manual mode allows you set Aperture and Shutter Speed manually. Mostly you will have to choose fixed ISO too. Whereas P or ‘Super P’ [or similar] will do everything for you. It will set all the variable parameters of the camera letting you concentrate on clicking the right moment and composing the frame.

Now a days a good camera does lot more things than just setting right shutter speed and aperture for you. In older times – say about 30-40 years ago the processing power of the chips was miniature compared with today’s fast chips. It is said that you have more powerful chips in your mobile phones than the entire computer system NASA used for their moon programme !! But now we have very powerful chips in out cameras.

So let’s use the chip to get the desired exposure and concentrate on getting better pictures! BTW, 95% of my pictures are clicked on P mode, and they do turn out good, you know!

I am planning to write a tutorial on how to tweak the P mode for getting the exposure you want!

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  1. akshaymohol
    akshaymohol says:

    Even I used to think that one must master manual mode in order to become a pro photographer. But when I started with bird photography, using manual mode became practically impossible. I generally use ‘A’ or ‘S’ priority on my Nikon. I was always amazed to see the exposure control in your photos. Looking forward for the tutorial on P mode 🙂

    • Milind
      Milind says:

      Absolutely Akshay. I recently saw Fireworks pictures from a friend. They were incredible. Apparantly his camera takes several pictures in Fireworks mode and makes on good image. At least he told me so. So many such things are impossible to do in manual mode. So I focus on getting good image and catching the moment! I will tell you the trick with P mode sometime.


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