Geoge Island

To the south edge of South Korea there are over a thousand of small and big islands. Some of them have volcanoes on them too. Jeju island being the most famous, there are several others which are big enough for habitation.

Geoge island is the second biggest island from the south sea. Two years ago I got to know that I am to perform on Geoge island, and I was quite happy about it. Several years ago I had performed on Jeju island. I think it was some very big festival where thousands of people had come. I also remembered that it was very beautiful place. So I became even more enthusiastic about this concert and the journey to the island.



Road travel in Korea is an experience in itself. Either way, by roads or trains, I love travelling in Korea. About 72 % country is mountains and the roads go winding through those. There are not really Ghats as such with sharp turns and all that but nevertheless the roads go winding. Always full of totally green trees all around you

I have travelled extensively in Korea. In some tours I remember the schedule was like this – A concert today in Seoul, which is completely to the North, next day in Busan which is the southern edge of the country, Next day again in Seoul and next day once again way down south in some mountains in some Monastery and so on. But the roads are good and it’s fun to travel at night.

Typical Rest Area or Food Mall on Korean Highways

This time I travelled in a car with my friend. It was a lovely drive as usual. On the way we stopped once for a cup of coffee. The ‘Rest Areas’ on Korean highways are very big. On a weekend you can find literally thousands of people there drinking coffee or eating something. And if you are travelling in a bus it’s a challenge to remember your own bus as 5 exactly same looking busses will soon join in and park next to each other while you are having a coffee!! Mumbai-Pune Asiad travellers should know the skill quite well !

Geoge is a beautiful island. When we reached there early morning, the first sight was beautiful. In the fog over the see there was a nice enclave in water, created naturally by protruding land. On both sides there is some man made extension to the land and few small boats were passing through the area between. There were two lighthouses which gave the scenery a special identity. The theatre we performed was on the bank of the sea shore and there was a very lovely restaurant on the ground level. I could find some nice sandwiches and was even more happy.

On one side of the road there are many small shops which either sell some souvenirs or are restaurants. On the other road perpendicular to this one was this huge theatre complex where we were going to perform in the evening.

Small Shops along the shore road


The Theatre Complex where we performed

The concert was a part of the House Concert series and as usual it was very special. The audience was going to be sitting on the stage around us and I was given 3-4 microphones placed in various place away from each other so I could simply walk and play in any of those! It was quite fun!

We slept in our hotel and I woke up early for trying to catch up the sunrise hoping to get some good pictures. But it was foggy. So foggy that I couldn’t even see the road opposite. Eventually we returned back to Seoul later that day.

Foggy Morning at geoge Island

I am not much of a sea person, but these islands at south always make you want to go back there again and again!



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